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Spatial development of the Temernik's river coastal territories

Architectural concept

Where Russia, Rostov-on-Don
Year 2016

The development of coastal areas implies the creation of a coherent system of public spaces integrated with the urban structure.

The project, as an integral part of the global system, represents the first stage of public areas development.
A cycle route along the entire section is connected to the other territories.

The complex of buildings in the public space provides people's movement through the routes in the territory and serves as the zone for recreation and education.
A fragment of the group project for the development of public spaces of Temernik River embankment in Rostov-on-Don. This project can be considered as a part of a large master plan executed by the project team. The project presents the 1st stage of the public space system reconstruction.
The whole structure consists of 3 essential parts:

– The multi-functional space of the amphitheatre can be used as presentations, lectures, film shows or other entertainment.

– The viewing platform is a magnet space and serves for articulation of the area, its functional orientation, as well as openness to the urban population.

– A multilevel garden with an entrance to the embankment serves as an excellent place to rest.
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