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Public trade center

Competition project

Where Saudi-Arabia, Dammam
Team Misha Miterev, Elizaveta Mitereva
Year 2020

Design concept of the project is the system of arranged beams and columns, which includes commercial forms of F&B retail and open public spaces with terraces. The site for the project is situated near the seaside between King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Road and Kaab Ibn Jammar St. Yousef Al Dossary Grand Mosque is located nearby the site under the project.
Identification of three planning axises of the existing territory that have influenced the concept:

The axis of the movement on theKing Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Road
The axis of the orientation the Yousef Al Dossary Grand Mosque on Mekka
The curved axis of the coast line.

On the second floor of the building the objects, fulfilling the anchor function, are located: two large restaurants (with the possibility of combining into one), and an arched viewing platform, oriented in the direction of the most successful view angles on the Arabian Gulf.
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