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Romberg Tiburon San-Francisco State University Campus

Competition project

Where USA, San-Francisco
Team Misha Miterev, Elchin Akperov, Elizaveta Mitereva
Year 2017

The main aim of the project was to find energy-efficient solution through the implementation of different techniques at every stage of the project development. Lateral drawn shape of the building gave the chance to expand the front of renewable energy resource perception, i.e. wind and sun energy. Wind power generators and solar panels are located along the southern line of the complex to generate power in sufficient volumes and supply energy demands throughout the year.

Educational and Research center of San-Francisco State University

The construction of Educational and Research center of San Francisco State University, located in Tiburon city (Southern part of San Francisco Bay)


The total area for the construction is 315 429 feet, the terrain elevation difference makes 124, 6 feet. In accordance with the project, 5 functional blocks are going to be constructed on the rectangular territory, with its sides 72 and 640 feet.

Block A – Park land, presented as a cellular construction16,4 and 16,4 feet in size, made as wooden supporting structure, with the ramps on it, which lead to Exhibition and Educational center, located near the bay.
Block B - Academic building with Conference hall and Lecture room
Block C – Exhibition hall, with 3 tanks inside
Block D – Buffer area, gallery
Block E – Scientific center, Kayaking center

The other important matter concerns the formation of stable correspondence between the building and the landscape of the area. The project under the construction is susceptible to the process of global warming and the world ocean level raise. Maximal lowering of hardpoint area of the building was chosen here as a decision of the problem mentioned.
The fact that the building is planned to be constructed on the columns, bears record to its robust architecture. It makes it possible to preserve 90 percent of the area in its current state, leave all green space unchanged and use it as a terraced park. The building is located above the area and has minimal effect on it.

Educational and research center is located not far from the coastline. The buildings are connected with the Scientific center and the Kayaking center by means of the gallery. Engineering power consumption, heating, ventilation and conditioning control systems are used in all the blocks. Building envelopes with Trombe wall serve to make heat losses less, while heat pump, producing heat from salty water, is used for heating.

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