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Multi-functional transport hub

Architectural and infrastructural research project

Where Russia, Rostov-on-Don
Year 2016-2017

On a city planning scale, the railway station is located in the structure of urban development and separates the planning elements of the city.
The station in Rostov-on-Don, divides two urban districts and distance them from each other, lowering the level of communication between the central and western parts of the city.
So, the main task of the project was to connect the urban parts and make them closer to each other. Creating of a multi-functional space to function both as the transport net and the set of public spaces was chosen as the solution of the problem.
Central railway station and transport hub

The main railway station in Rostov-on-Don is an integral part of the North–Caucasian railway. Together with the Central bus station, they form the major traffic hub, which accept the passenger flow of more than 2 million people every day.

Rostov-on-Don is one of the developing and expanding cities of Russia with an ever-growing population and economy, so it is necessary to develop the entire transport infrastructure of the city and the region, including train stations.

The necessity to view the prospective of the terminal station development in a new way is stipulated by the fact of continuous stable city development. The construction of a joint traffic junction with all means of transport presented can serve as the solution of some problems with transportation, as well as social and architectural ones. High level of the urbanization and insufficient environment result in improper interconnection of different parts of the city, monofunctional potential of the object and, as a result, appear to be the main reason for the reconstruction.

The combination of the main railway terminal, suburban terminal, tram station and social and cultural spaces offer the possibility of social activities and connections between the urban parts.
The most important task of this project is not so much to create a renewed transport hub as to try to present a functional and utilitarian typology such as urban infrastructure, a key public space, magnet and focus of cultural life for citizens.
The complex of structures consists of the following functional parts:

– Main long-distance railway terminal
– Suburban rail terminal
– City tram station
– Transport Road Tunnel
– Exhibition gallery
– Open public space on the roof of a tram station and a suburban terminal
– Hotel
Structural analysis of elements of individual parts of the complex

1. Hotel
2. Cover structure of the long-distance railway terminal
3. Structure of the exhibition gallery
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