Pyrolysis of cultures

Research project

Where Russia, Moscow
Year 2021

Pyrolysis - physical process of thermal decomposition of elements into compounds in oxygen deficiency

cultural transformations

There are two main directions in the understanding of cultural space.

First. Cultural space is always an integral part of the process of human activity, social life and, in general, of a different culture. Culture is integrated into all components of human life and is part of every human life.

Second. The idea of cultural space is a fully isolated concept which only exists in a certain period of time. Cultures are divided and do not interact, but parts of a certain culture interact within it.

The key concept of both ideas is context. Environment exists and is modified regardless of the configuration of cultural space. The continuous alteration of the context surrounding cultural space is the main force and driver of all cultural transformations.
pyrolysis of cultures

This work is devoted to the study of the process of internal cultural transformation in a closed cultural space.

The name "Pyrolysis of Cultures" compares the processes within a culture in a closed state with the physical process of pyrolysis.

The study aims to demonstrate the possibility of new cultural concepts emerging within a large, closed and saturated system of "culture in culture", just as hydrocarbons produce gas under the conditions of high temperature and lack of oxygen.


The former building of the gas generator, built in 1932 by the architect N.D. Morozov at the address: Moscow, Nizhny Susalny per, is offered as a site for realization. Building 5, building 10.