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Nightingale Artists Retreat

Competition project

Where Thailand, Bangkok
Team Misha Miterev, Elizaveta Mitereva
Year 2016

All the construction based on the idea of the division into personal and public area, i.e. all the spaces of the building develop vertically, from the ones of public value to those of personal value, with the latter located upstairs. ln a whole, the building is constructed in the following way.

All internal spaces are arranged inside the building as separate hanging structures, with different functional zones arranged. These blocks form an atrium, which performs the function of a binding element between different zones.

The cluster principle of key spaces and blocks layout provides an important level of privacy for visitors and at the same time serves to the integration of their activities into the general cultural context of the space.
Bangkok Contemporary Arts Center

The Bangkok Artists Retreat Project is an important part of the city public space system and is designed to create an enabling environment for work and creativity of urban artists, musicians, designers and architects. The building is located on the site of the Nightingale shopping center, which serves as an important commercial space for the local population.
The high level of centrality and integration into urban development makes it important to create a space in its place that creates conditions for social and cultural interactions.


According to the project, the first floor is marked on the level of 1.2 m. over the ground; on the area of 1.2 m. there are 8 steps of different size, terracing inwards the building on the area, equal to the half of the ground floor size. This space is of great importance, as it forms, so-called "street niche", attract passers-by. This space is open for everyone, who wants to seat and relax on the steps, do something for work or have a shack. The space is also good for arranging different exhibitions, performances or presentations, due to the fact that Old Siam plaza, Rajamangala University of Technology, Rattanakosin Poh Chang Campus, Ratorabopit Temple and Su Thatsana Thep Wara Ram Ratchaworamahawihan are located nearby.
Having passed by the reception desk, which is located just in the entrance area, one can get on the upper levels of the building going upstairs in the elevator or with the help of the ramp. There are two elevators in the building: one is the means to transport the guests, the other is for cargo transporting. The latter goes down to the ground floor, where the storage facilities, engineering and service infrastructure are located.
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