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New sodrujestvo

Architectural project of the private residential house in Rostov region

Where Russia, Rostov-on-Don
Year 2018

The project of a private residential house located in the SNT Sodrujestvo in Rostov region.
A one-storey house with a total area of about 150 m2 with an exploitable roof. Currently the project is at the stage of realization.

The integration of the internal space of the house and the territory of the plot, as well as the adjacent area, were the main tasks of the project. The key feature of the project was its aiming at the creation of maximal interaction with the interior of the site, as well achievement of the highest level of privacy of the territory from the street side.
The concept of the project is to present the structure of the dwelling as the part of the territory, as well as to diffuse space between public and private areas of the territory.

The inclusion of the fence construction into the overall structure of the building serves to the extension of the idea of integrating the building with the site, as well as the creation of a buffer space between the street and the interior of the site. The additional task was to identify the space of the house as a shelter and a lair for the owner.
The problem of creating a space of safety and comfort is solved by placing residential and guest premises at a maximal distance from the interior of the plot with a view to the inner yard.


The planning structure of the building has a simple configuration and is based on the design development task. The central core of the house is the living room with an entrance to the outdoor terrace with a pool. An important part of the house is the roof of the building, which is adapted for use. It is located at the level of the building's slab and is accessible by an open metal staircase, located on the north side of the building. The interaction in the interior courtyard space is realized through the glazed facade of the living room.
There is two-car parking in the territory, bordering the road outside. Metal awning above the space is structurally connected both with the fence wall of the section and the entrance gate.
Metal shaped panels, facade plaster, glazing surfaces and metal rolling beams can be mentioned as the main materials used for the facades.

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