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Naryan-Mar Community

Competition project

Where Russia, Naryan-Mar
Team Misha Miterev, Elizaveta Mitereva
Year 2015

The general concept of the project is to create a comfortable structure by creating warm contours and compact development. The designed residential complex is constructed to meet a number of constantly arriving people. Houses are located within the perimeter and connected with each other by stylobate. Thus, the court yard becomes protected against the wind. The courtyard space can be used in a warm season and the space under stylobate can be used in a cold one. The layout of the buildings is compact. On the ground floor of the modules 2 one-room and 2 two-room apartments are located. On the second level there are 2 three-room apartments.

Apartment complex in Naryan-Mar, Russia

Project of a residential complex in the city of Naryan-mar, Russia. Located in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug beyond the Arctic Circle. The general concept of the project is to create a comfortable structure, with warm contouring and compact development.

The town of Naryan Mar is situated in the far north in extreme cold conditions. The aim of the project is to identify and solve the problems related to the organization of a housing system in the far north. This project is a continuation of the solutions developed by architects in the Soviet Union.
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