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Public square and underground trade center

Competition project
Honorable mention

Where Russia, Kemerovo
Team Misha Miterev, Elizaveta Mitereva
Year 2021

Architectural concept for commercial center with public spaces – the concept of the spatial development territory, which i is located in the central part of Kemerovo city, at the intersection of Oktyabrsky avenue and Tukhachevskogo street. The idea of the spatial development territory concept is based on the creation of polyfunctional public trade space, which combines functions of a trade center and public spot and serves as an attraction point for the citizens.

The need for such solutions has recently increased in the connection with the necessity for the establishing of open, friendly and transparent public spaces. Nowadays no building can guarantee its successful development for a decade to come, if it does not create conditions for social and urban activity. World trends in the design of large trade centers underline the inevitable integration process of entertaining, educational, sport and cultural components in the structure of totally commercial space. Such approach allows creating of advanced financial model, differentiating consumers demand and adjusting areas to the current financial situation. Central location of the research territory is considered to be great advantage in regards to improving quality of urban environment and life of citizens.
The core idea of the project is to organize predominantly underground space in order to preserve low-height buildings at the ground level and as the result, save the important feature of the site-square. A task to create a public square is likely to be the key point of the concept, as it meets the parameters of urban planning research and compensates the lack of social attractions in the area.
Large and medium trade spaces are organized in two underground levels. On the second underground level big area rooms for the use of large lessees are located with a goal to involve consumers from a lower level. On the first underground level medium area trade rooms, as well as three food-market rooms, lectorium and exhibition spaces are located. These areas under inclined roof, located in the western part of the building, organize exploitable park space. Small spaces for street retail and three main entrances to the public-trade center are located on the first ground level.
The main feature of this project is the roof. As a classical part of the construction, it serves to be a place for public interactions. The roof is divided into three parts, all of which are exploitable. First two parts of the roof are located in the western part of the construction and oriented to the pedestrian boulevard, which will be realized in the future; it has a slope to the boulevard's side and can be represented as a poly-functional open public park space. The third part of the roof is a flat plane which can be used as a place for various urban activities, such as concerts, fairs, shows and meetings.
It is a potential space for the development in the long run, with the possibility of further creation of a new transformed open metal superstructure to meet different requirements. The project is to be realized on the funds from city budget, since both city and investor get interested in the creation of public spaces of the kind.
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