Build the world

Research and installation project

Where Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year 2023

Outdoor installation and graphic concept intended to demonstrate the variety and multipolarity of our world together with its fragile and flexible nature.

Starting position of the elements symbolise basic and heritage conditions that have been gained with humanity evolution throughout the years of the Earth representation.

earth representation

The wall is represented as the Earth map, with all volumetric elements performed in different colours, as well as depth, that shows the unique geographical, cultural and social attributes of different countries and nations.

The option of changing the position of each element on the wall is the main feature of the project. It serves to demonstrate that all people are the part of our common planet, and everyone can influence its future and take part in the process of the world building.

Interactive free shifting of the elements along the wall provides the observers with the feeling of involvement and gives the opportunity to any interested individuals to participate in the creation of artworks. Cooperation among people intends to arise the interest to cross-personal partnership in our common activity – to build our future world.

Basically, the project consists of stainless wall partially coloured chrome, with some colourful elements and integrated magnets to reach the required level of flexibility and interactivity.


The project was especially prepared for the Dubai Design Week 2023. It is an attempt to initialise social discourse on the current world challenges and future.